12. juli

Air av Bach og hele suiten

Ghislain Leroy er en ung fransk organist - født til å musisere. I Domkirken fremfører han musikk av Bach, bl.a. komponistens berømte "AIR".

Ghislain Leroy was born in Tourcoing (France) in 1982. Both his father and mother are organists. Alongside his secondary education, he also studied the piano, the organ as well as composition. From 2001 to 2003, he attended François-Henri Houbart's class at the Regional National Conservatory in Rueil-Malmaison where he was awarded a First Prize and an Advanced Prize for the organ. In 2004 he won the Harmony Prize at the Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Jean-François Zygel's class. In the organ class at the Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyons, he studied under Jean Boyer, Louis Robilliard, Liesebeth Schlumberger and François Espinasse.
            The Jury of the Fifth City of Paris International organ Competition, under the presidency of Michel Chapuis, awarded him the "Premier Grand Prix d'Interprétation". At the age of twenty-two, this prize launched him on the international scene. He regularly gives concerts in Paris (Radio France, Notre-Dame, St Eustache) as well as at the principal French cathedrals. In addition, he has been invited to several major festivals in Europe, Russia and Asia.
            He has realized three cd’s recordings, including repertoire from the 17th century to the present day.  In 2005, he undertook a research project concerning the composer and organist Xavier Darasse, and made an inventory of the document collection held by the Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyons.
            In 2006, he was appointed as resident organist at the Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, in Japan. He took part to several concerts abroad Japan (Sapporo , Tokyo, Kanazawa .). He has been chosen to give two exceptional concerts with the NHK Symphony Orchestra conducted by Charles Dutoit and broadcasted in live on Japanese radio/television.

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